Sunday, February 16, 2014

Parkinson's DBS Surgery: The Results

Total miles driven:                         2,758
Gas for six trips to Tucson:           $489.87
Four nights in a hotel:                   $402.11
My co-pays for everything:           $970.00
Amount my Insurance paid:      $26,672.77
Price for the Neurostimulator:   $43.929.87

No more foot cramps:           PRICELESS
Sleeping through the night:   PRICELESS
Feeling ON all a day:             PRICELESS
No dyskinesia:                      PRICELESS

Would I do it again? Absolutely.
Just look at the before video:

and the after video:

This video can be viewed on YouTube:
YumaBev after DBS

I am sleeping longer, but I still get tired during the day. My arms and legs don't feel heavy, I just get sleepy. I have had two surgeries in less than three weeks, so my body is still recuperating. Dr. Norton just turned the unit on and set it very low, so I know it will be better when I go back for detailed programming in two weeks. I have cut back on my medication by about half already and all of the side effects I was having are gone. I am a very, very Happy Parkie.

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